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Hi, This is Tanvir

Lets talk if you want to collaborate, share knowledge regarding 4IR, XR, Metaverse, NFT & Gaming Industry.

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Tanvir Hossain Khan began His professional journey in 2011 and have since worked on a number of companies and founded his own company Dreamerz Lab in 2015 which is the first company to commercially work with XR technologies in the global market from Bangladesh.​ His vision is always to put industry first by empowering our industry with 4IR technologies specially with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality as well as for the gaming industry

In order to achieve that vision he contributed from day one stated with the gaming industry by arranging the first ever gaming expo where he brought all the gaming industry under one platform including gamers, developers, game development companies so that they can play, learn & share their gaming experience with one another. After that deployed the first commercial XR solutions in the automobile industry for UK based customers. Not only did he work hard to brand his company based on XR & gaming but also focused on a very major problem in our industry that is skilled human resource.

For that he started contributing by collaborating with BHTPA to conduct the first ever Augmented Reality Training Program in our country. After that he worked as a mentor, consultant with different local and global associations like ICT Ministry, EMK Center, Avatar Digital, VRARA to develop skilled human resources. He is also collaborating with EMK Center, A2i & BTEP to develop competency standard guidelines based on which we can devise authentic training programs to build skilled human labor for 4IR technologies especially in the field of AR, VR, MR & Gaming Industry.

He always believes any problem can be solved if we can all work as one and from that idea his belief is “Collaboration is Always Better than Competition.”

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My Agenda

Industry-Academia Collaboration

Produce Skilled Human Labor for 4IR

Work closely with Startups & Associate Members of BASIS

Establish Collaboration Culture within the Industry

Prioritize Gaming Industry

Develop Competency Standard for XR & gaming industry

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Professional History

January 2022 - Present

Director, BASIS

Elected in the BASIS Election for the term (2022-2023). Along with ensuring members service focusing on developing XR & Gaming Industry.

November 2015 - Present

Founder & CEO, Dreamerz Lab

This is my own company where I am currently working as a CEO and lead product designer for XR solutions. I am currently focusing on a metaverse product which we are working right now.

April 2021 - Present

Mentor & Consultant, EMK Center

Here I am mentoring and consulting EMK center in their Maker Lab department regarding XR & games. Designing workshop, seminars and course outline as well as making training framework collaborating with A2i & BTEB.

July 2018- August 2019

Mentor & Judge, NASA Space Apps Challenge

I was fortunate enough to be part of Two edition of NASA Space Apps challenge 2018 & 2019 where I got to mentor and guide lot of young talents. One of the team also won the challenge in 2019 who submitted a VR project under my mentorship.

November 2017 - Present

XR Consultant, Avatar Digital

Avatar Digital is a UK based company focusing on marketing solutions using AR, VR & MR where I am playing an important role to consult them with new ideas as well as technical consultation which they can prepare themselves for development to do some marketability test.

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My Industry Contribution

Revolution in Gaming Industry

Started my contribution with the gaming Industry where I started a revolution with back to back events call Bangladesh Gaming Expo 2016 & 2017 where I wanted to break a stereotype in our industry is that gaming is just a form of entertainment, Its can not be a career. In this event I tried to bring all the gaming community under one platform so that everyone can play, learn & share their gaming experience to one another.

Pioneer in XR Industry

I started working with XR(AR,VR, MR) from 2015 when most of the people didnt even know what XR is and I not only started working on it but also developed first ever commercial enterprise solutions using XR technology for global clients.

Industry-Academia Collaboration

I have always wanted to make a bridge to close the gap between industry and academia. For this, made a small effort in 2018 where I requested them to arrange a seminar where I discussed why this is very important to close this bridge. After this seminar in 2019 they added gaming course in their course curriculum.

Developing Skilled Human Resource in 4IR Industry

I have been contributing in developing skilled human resource from the beginning of my career with multiple agencies and organisations. I ha started this with BHTPA by training resource in AR, then have been working with ICT Ministry, A2i, BTEB, EMK Center and some other agencies by collaborating with them to develop skilled human resources in the field of XR & gaming industry.

Mentoring & Grooming Young Talents

I always enjoy and spend quite a time with the fresh and young talents where i have been fortunate enough to get myself connected with them at different events, webinars, seminar workshops etc where I not only invest my time grooming them from technical perspective but also from soft skills perspective which we lack greatly in most of the cases. Through this journey of the most proudest moment till today was spending my time mentoring 2019 NASA Space Apps Challenge Winner

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Product Management

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"Failure Is The Pillar of Success Only When We Learn From That Failure"

Tanvir Hossain Khan

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